HSEQ Policy

Our key business activity is to be a NCS license partner in fields in the exploration phase, in the development phase, in production and abandonment phase.

We believe that protecting our people, the environment and our assets is fundamental to building and sustaining the value of our business. We strive to ensure that risk is identified, understood and mitigated as far as reasonably practicable through a systematic apporoach, and that we evaluate both hazards and opportunities.



Tellus Petroleum will:

  • ensure that energy and resource management are an integral part of the business
  • always conduct our activities in accordance with applicable laws and accepted industry standards, and review and continuously improve our performance and systems
  • monitor and measure the results of our activities, as part of our Management System. All serious incidents in licenses where Tellus is partner, in the Tellus office or during business travel, will be reviewed, their root causes identified, understood and improvements made to avoid recurrence
  • conduct audit of our systems and performances regularly and identity and implement opportunities for improving effectiveness
  • not compromise health, safety or the environment in the interest of achieving business objectives
  • work to implement this philosophy in all licenses where Tellus is partner
  • fulfill our duty to provide necessary means to comply with this policy. Similarly, we will seek to ensure that our personnel understand and fulfill their duties and responsibilities to the company and their fellow workers. Only through working together will we be able to be successful in achieving the goals of this policy
  • ensure that all employees and contractors are competent to perform their health, safety and environmental roles and recognize and respond to employee and community concerns regarding the health, safety and environmental aspect of the company’s operations and activities
  • apply this policy to all Tellus activities. Every line manager is accountable for the implementation within their areas of responsibility. The Chief Executive Officer of Tellus is accountable to the Management Board for ensuring this Policy is implemented.

Fridtjof Jebsen